Wednesday, 21 December 2016

It has long wanted to imagine such an assistant. What company does not only considered, but still chose this robot vacuum cleaner - because of the fact that very many positive reviews on various websites, and almost always the highest rating. So I could not resist and ordered us to this, especially when the house we have a second cat (even if baby is that no "sypitsya" year), and the child began to eat on their own - which is why after every meal with us under the table formed a semi-circle of crumbs and debris under the child.

I'm tired of running, each time for a broom, but for the cloth, and the new kitten just added fuss. In general, I am, as they say, "was led" to ratings and reviews, and bought a universal favorite.

First impressions - write that it is small - for me it is the most usual, at least, I saw these in a store and would not say that the robot cleaner Bissell Spotbot less than their counterparts. But then again - this is my first robot vacuum cleaner, I can not look at it ....

I ordered on Yulmart - for some there share "fee" Vacuum cost me 15600 p. (08/14/2016). Box fairly comfortable - a handle

Side equipment is described (I did not know then was looking for in the instructions inside the box):

Well, actually, as it looks equipment: vacuum cleaner itself, the station, 4 spare brushes (2 left, 2 right), a brush for cleaning the garbage container, 2 the HEPA - filter, pad with "rag" for cleaning floors, warranty card, screwdriver

Instruction is quite short and there is not particularly understand what - everything is very accessible and clearly written. There tidy respite - from 1 hour to 22 hours. At what delay after installation - the robot remembers the time and exactly every 24 hours will do the cleaning at this time. The time is set - the fact how many starts cleaning (not how much).

Noise cleaner sparingly, animals are not afraid, that our washing vacuum cleaner greatly scares pets. And to calm the robot reaction - cats sit around and watch his movements. You can talk while it is running, but not a whisper - the interlocutor is heard - a sound like a hood included.

Cleaned also quite easily - removed container - all shakes out, clean brush, rinsed (if necessary), cleaned with sensors on the robot (a special cloth is included) and all-you can work on. On "everything about everything" - for cleaning the vacuum cleaner you will spend a maximum of 5-7 minutes.

The vacuum cleaner has a total of two brushes - brooms, spinning swings that under his belly covered in garbage - right into the "mouth" of the vacuum cleaner, hair and cat hair is not entangled in the operating elements and easy to swallow, so then clean the vacuum cleaner is not difficult. The robot you done well on carpets with low pile,

although sometimes raises the corner - and buries it, then he pulls back again and climbs again. With carpet waste, wool and chips - collects mediocre (here we already run a vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter), but still the bulk of it collects. To clean the floor (we laminate) - no complaints.